Our collection of non-irritating patented personal care ingredients are derived naturally from Mother Earth's own powerful emulsifier.

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Botaneco offers the WORLD's ONLY non-modified, 100% natural, slow release, non-Irritating, multifunctional emulsifier.

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Botaneco has developed innovative formulations leveraging its patented technologies in a variety of personal care applications. Formulations include slower release sunblock which increases SPF factor by up to six times; loadable fragrance and anti-aging ingredients; insect repellents; vitamins and endless combinations to make unique formulations easy.

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Tribute to Dr. Jack Guth

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Jack Guth on Thursday November 28th, after a short but courageous battle with cancer. Jack proudly served as Botaneco's Vice President of R&D for the past 7 years, and is credited with developing the Oleosome technology in the Personal Care industry. Jack was an inspiration to everyone he met, and was well recognized in the industry for his deep knowledge of Chemistry and Formulations. Having begun his career on the Finished Goods side of Personal Care (Johnson and Johnson) and later switching to the Supplier side (Lonza, Inolex and Botaneco), there were very few people in the world that understood the industry from all aspects, including ingredient development, production, research and marketing. Jack's legacy will be carried forward by the current Botaneco team as we continue to innovate on the Oleosome technology and accelerate its applications in Personal Care and beyond.

Concept Capital Management Ltd. Purchases Botaneco Specialty Ingredients

We are delighted to inform you that effective March 28th 2013 we, Concept Capital Management Ltd. (“CCM”), have purchased the assets and business of Botaneco Specialty Ingredients Inc. Our parent company is a well-established investment fund and the management of CCM have broad experience with Oil Seed Technology. We are also the patent holder of the Hydresia® technology. We have strong financial backing and over the next several months we will be investing in plans to provide you with the highest level of confidence in our products. We will be striving to provide you with the utmost in product quality with predictable service levels.

We will be retaining the key employees of Botaneco Specialty Ingredients Inc. and we will operate the Company under the trade name Botaneco. Additionally, the products will continue to remain as Hydresia®. The demand for Hydresia® products has seen steady increases during 2013 and we will be optimizing our existing product production processes and creating plans for future expansion. We are planning to evolve the Botaneco Specialty Ingredients business strategy by building on the manufacturing platform to take advantage of additional product streams which will give us better scale and capabilities.